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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Enzyme?
What are the benefits of using Enzyme app?
How do I get started with Enzyme app?
What features does Enzyme app have?
How does Enzyme handle user feedback?
What is $MLN and what is it used for?
Can I use Enzyme to participate in DeFi protocols?
What is the process for proposal submissions on Enzyme?
How does Enzyme compare to other DeFi platforms?
Can I use Enzyme on mobile?
How is Enzyme addressing scalability issues in DeFi?
How is Enzyme contributing to the DeFi ecosystem?
Can I use Enzyme to manage multiple portfolios?
How was Enzyme founded?

Fees, Performance & Accounting

What are the fees for using Enzyme app?
How is the Enzyme platform governed?
How does Enzyme handle taxes for users?
How does Enzyme handle gas fees for transactions on Ethereum and Polygon?
How many assets can my vault portfolio track?
How can I monitor the performance of my funds held in the Enzyme vault?
Are there any tools available to help me track the performance of my funds in real-time?
Can I access information about the performance of my funds 24/7?
What metrics does Enzyme use to measure the performance of my funds?
How can I stay informed about any updates or changes that may impact the performance of my funds held in Enzyme?
How much does it cost to create a Vault?
What kind of fees I can add to my vault?
How is the management fee calculated?
How is the performance fee calculated?
How is the annualized volatility is calculated?
How is the monthly return calculated?
How does the Fee Splitter works?

Security & Access

How secure is Enzyme app?
What measures are in place to prevent bad actors’ manipulations on Enzyme?
How can I access my funds if the app stops working?
How does Enzyme ensure decentralization and accessibility for its users?
Can users view and verify the smart contracts utilized by Enzyme?
How an opportunistic manager can hide value in an external position?
What is the process for making a trade on Enzyme app?
How do I deposit funds into an Enzyme Vault?
How do I withdraw funds from an Enzyme Vault?
What is the process for submitting bug reports and feature requests on Enzyme?
How to get in touch with the Enzyme support team?
How can I contact Enzyme?
How do I set up a vault with Enzyme?
What options are available for customizing my vault setup in Enzyme?

Asset Universe & Integrations

What types of assets are supported on Enzyme?
Can I earn yield on my assets held on my Enzyme Vault?
What is the process for staking ETH on Enzyme?
Can I use Enzyme to access decentralized exchanges (DEXs)?
Can I use Enzyme to trade futures and options?
What are the supported wallets for accessing Enzyme?
What kind of strategies can I use with Enzyme?
How does asset pricing work in Enzyme?
What are the requirements to add new assets to the Enzyme Asset Universe?
How to request the addition of a new token?


How can I use Enzyme to manage my DAO's funds?
Does Enzyme support multisig wallets?
What are the benefits of using Enzyme for managing my DAO's funds?
How does Enzyme provide real-time information and reporting on my DAO's funds?


Who develops and maintains the Enzyme App?
What is the Enzyme API and how can I request access to it?
Can I personalize my vault? Is there a Whitelabel solution for vault managers?
What is the ValueInterpreter?
How much AUM does a vault need to have to appear in top gainers?
How to bypass the Set Cumulative Slippage Tolerance?

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Enzyme is an on-chain asset management system that enables access to digital assets and DeFi from one simple, unified app. It provides a front-to-back execution and order management system, enabling automated reporting, risk management, administration, governance and operations.

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