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Innovation and creativity are at the heart of Enzyme.

As part of our mission to accelerate growth for Builders and Managers, we offer a grant programme to foster innovation and creativity.
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What do we offer?


We allocate up to 306,000 MLN total tokens annually to support projects.


To help you to create value for stakeholders and achieve success.


Long-term sustainability through partnerships, grants, and fee generation.

Designed for

Organisations that align with Enzyme's values. These might include start-ups and DeFi projects looking to make their mark on the crypto space through innovative products and features.
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Staking protocols

Innovative projects with unique features looking to bootstrap liquidity and grow TVL.

Treasury Management

Tools and applications looking to facilitate the next generation of fund management – from reporting to active management solutions.


Organisations looking to support and onboard FinTechs in the transition from Web2 to Web3.

Artificial intelligence

Organisations and teams looking to harness the power of AI, from automating customer service offerings to market analysis and fund construction.


Long-term sustainability

Involve strategic partnerships or devise a fee structure that provides a steady revenue stream.

Utility creation for stakeholders

Enhance platform utility and cultivate a more vibrant and active community to generate utility.

For Builders and Managers

Develop tools for fund managers and allocators to meet the evolving demands of the market.

Growth and market exploration

Attract new users, improve usability and develop unique value propositions to further differentiate Enzyme.

How to apply


Fill out the application form available on this page.


Should your proposal be considered of interest, we will invite you to present in an Enzyme meeting.


Take relevant feedback from the meeting, and adjust accordingly.


A decision will be made using the criteria listed.